5 Wedding Backdrops Ideas to Wow Your Guests

5 Wedding Backdrops Ideas to Wow Your Guests

/ Post by Jose Zheng

Wedding day is special for every couple and they wish to make their D-day memorable for family, friends and guests for years to come. 

In between all the pomp and show, it is important to capture the candid and close family moments you can cherish for years. One of the latest trends is using theme-based photography backdrops to create picture-perfect memories and to add a wow factor to your wedding party.

Whether you want to spruce up your wedding stage, deck up your entrance area or create a separate photo corner, you can put a backdrop anywhere in your venue and can click some great photos. 

Looking for some crazy ideas? Here are 5 backdrop ideas to make your big day unforgettable: 

1.   Flower wall

Whether it’s engagement, wedding or reception, flower walls are always in demand and an excellent way to create a focal point at your ceremony. 

A wall covered with bright flowers backdrop is a great way to introduce a natural element to the indoors while creating a beautiful ambience.

Floral backdrops are gorgeous and can be placed anywhere: at the entrance, behind the wedding stage, near the selfie station, or any other place you'd like to draw attention to. 

Pose with your partner for some fairytale pictures. 

2.   Balloons

Balloon backdrops are no longer reserved for children’s birthday celebrations and farewell parties. 

From the pre-bridal shoot to the main wedding event—balloons look magnificent for background and grab immediate attention.

If you want to keep it simple and elegant, a backdrop full of bright balloons can set the perfect tone for a wedding party. 

From covering a statement wall to installing a ceremony arch, there are endless options to use balloon backdrops. 

3.   Draping

A wall laden with satin curtains and drapes can create a perfect wedding backdrop for couples to experience a dream wedding. 

This inexpensive option can be used indoors and outdoors. They can be installed to cover dull walls and add elegance to the overall decor.  

You can also use chandeliers and flowers to complement the backdrop and get gorgeous pics clicked for the ceremony. 

4.   Beach backdrop

Have you ever dreamt of exchanging wedding vows near the seashore? 

If yes, let's bring the surf, waves, and sun from the seaside to your wedding venue. A beach scene backdrop is sure to make you D-day camera-ready. 

This gorgeous backdrop gives you the chance to get the feel of a beach wedding. Make some crazy poses with your partner, family and friends and get clicked. 

5.   Jungle theme

Are you a nature lover? A rustic forest backdrop depicts wild trees, flowers, animals, and babbling brooks that can bring an entire jungle feel into your indoor wedding. 

You heard us right.  Give an interesting twist to your wedding with these photography backdrops. 

From snow laden trees, colourful trees, autumn forest to twilight backdrops and beyond, you can find exceptional variety to create the magic. 

In the end…

Apart from the above, there are many backdrop options to make every minute of your wedding photography count. 

Incorporating even one of these ideas will turn your wedding celebration into an event to remember and will also leave your guests impressed. 

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