4 Smart Tips to Capture Stunning Kid’s Birthday Party Pics

4 Smart Tips to Capture Stunning Kid’s Birthday Party Pics

/ Post by Shivani Mittal

Birthday parties, especially for kids, are exciting and worth capturing to relive the moments for parents even when their child grows into a responsible adult. 

Right from snapping the smile on your kid’s face as everyone sings the birthday carrell, the joy in their eyes as they open every gift to the fun of party games such as pianta and pin the tail on the donkey, there are numerous opportunities to take memorable pics. 

Here, in this article, we gather the best tips for capturing great photographs of your kid’s birthday party. 

So, let’s scroll down and have a look:-

#1 Choose the Right Birthday Backdrop


Selecting the right background makes all the difference to the images being captured. It makes the subject look great, and lets you experiment with the mood and tone. The soft & blurred backdrops are best-suited if the subject is close enough. 

In an outdoor setting, a mountain scene or blurred tree will add contrast to facial expressions & features of the subject in the background. 

Solid backgrounds are a classic choice if you take the perfect convectional family photographs. Neutral backdrops like grey are versatile. A textured backdrop adds a dynamic feel to your kid’s birthday photographs.

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#2 Adjust the White Balance

Most kid’s birthday parties happen inside the house, where photography is tricky because of the lighting. 

The best way to overcome this and capture the photos in their true colour is to learn how to manage the white balance controls. 

Fortunately, modern cameras come with an array of automated modes that allows you to easily adjust under  different lighting situations. 

Before the party begins, experiment with these modes of white balance, so that you get your setting right. You need to keep in mind that there would be some moments in your child’s birthday party where you want the temperature of your light to be warm & nice to snap the real essence.

#3 Mix Up Your Shooting Angles & Focal Lengths

Take shots at various angles and focal lengths to inject life into your kid’s birthday photographs. Try to take some shots from a high angle if possible stand on the chair to accentuate it. The technique is great for capturing group pics. Also take some shots from down, looking high up to the kid. 

Don’t forget to try a range of focal lengths, starting with wide-angle shots that snap the entire party scene to zoomed shots of the party blowing the cake candles and party elements. Mix it up to capture a series of dynamic and playful shots.

#4 Focus on the Party Details

To render a stroke of interest & excitement to your kid’s birthday shots, focus on the details of the party, don’t forget the key elements.

Some of the best party shots are before the arrival of the guests, which includes snaps of the cake, balloons, presents, party table, and other party decorations.  

Often it is best to get a close-up of these party elements. You’ll find these shots look awesome in an album between the shots of people.

Let’s Wind Up

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