4 Wedding Reception Backdrops That Will Blow Your Mind

4 Wedding Reception Backdrops That Will Blow Your Mind

/ Post by Shivani Mittal

How exquisite your wedding reception photographs will be, depends entirely on the backdrop you choose. 

Don’t you worry, here in this article, we will be enlisting wedding reception backgrounds to capture special memories for life. 

So, let’s scroll down.

#1 Flower Backdrops

Flowers' background grabs the attention of whosoever witnessing the biggest moment of your life.  White, pink or any other colours, they form a striking background for wedding photoshoot. 

It can work anywhere, be it at the reception as you welcome guests, splendid background for your wow exchange, as an escort-card display, or any other place where you want to drive the attention. 

The flower backdrop will serve as a selfie station for your guests or a photo booth background. 

#2 Tropical Beach Background

The idea of a beach wedding sounds spontaneously glamorous to couples. However, under certain circumstances, hosting a beach wedding may not be feasible. 

Don’t you worry, there is a way out, a tropical beach backdrop. The amalgam of sand & water in the backdrop print appears exotic and distinctive to leave your guests awestruck. The whole setting will feel organic, even if it's an indoor setup. 

Even if your wedding is not a tropical theme, a beach backdrop will make a grand statement.

If you are looking to transform your wedding ceremony space and wow all the invitees? Explore our range of tropical backdrops for creating beach-inspired photoshoot settings.

#3 Wedding Cartoon Background

A wedding cartoon background sounds crazy but is extra special. You can flaunt creativity with a unique cartoon-design backdrop that appeals spectacularly, rendering artsy vibes to your wedding venue. 

Our wedding cartoon backgrounds having traditional prints creates an overall timeless look. 

The cartoon backdrop will make you two feel like you have stepped right into a magical outdoor ceremony.

 #4 Go Green

A wedding stage with a green backdrop can do wonders. Orchids and calla lilies will beautify the whole setting.

A backdrop with oak branches & garden roses prints suits a bohemian-meets-rustic wedding that befits a ceremony in your backdrop or on a farm. 

You can set a wall of white flowers as the wedding backdrop will create a sacred feel.

Affordable Wedding Reception Backdrops to Make Your Day Special

At iBackdrop, we stock the broadest collection of high-quality wedding backgrounds, available in several design options to seamlessly go with your wedding theme. 

Our backdrops are wrinkle-free and easy to handle. You can do both water and dry cleaning. We assure you that our prices are the most competitive in the market. 

Browse our latest wedding backdrop designs today. For any sales queries, feel free to email us at service@ibackdrop.co.uk.

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