How to Pick the Right Background for Your YouTube Video?

How to Pick the Right Background for Your YouTube Video?

/ Post by Shivani Mittal

>Do you know YouTube is the second largest search engine? If someone wants to learn cooking, then search YouTube. Likewise, we browse YouTube videos for entertainment, study materials, and so much more. All this has fostered the global YouTuber community in recent years. 

Are you one of them making genuine efforts to ensure that your videos grab the attention of your prospective audience and make good earnings? Then, you need to think of a perfect video background that connects with the content to drive more views & engagements. 

The video shot up against a dull texture, no character — you can do much better!

Determining what background to use for your video is baffling, but we’re going to make the process easy-peasy today. 

Read on to know the key aspects to keep in mind when selecting a YouTube video background:-

#1. Make the Background Relevant

First things first, the background you pick must seamlessly blend with your brand story/content of your video. The props, room, colours, and background all combined to express their own story. All this has a significant impact on the perception of the viewer towards the brand and content. You should consider what your solid backdrop is telling the audience.

For instance, you can also opt for a white background to tap into the sense of teaching. A beach theme backdrop creates a sense of fun & community vibe. A floral photo backdrop gives a tranquil and calm feel. 

Whatever background you opt for, it must align with the relevancy of the video. It ensures the focus is on the speaker and message. With a huge selection of solid background colour choices, you can illustrate the mood of the video and branding. 

#2. Use Contrast to Your Advantage

Do you mainly use a light colour background ? Is your hair blond or brown? What is the subject category of your videos? Answer these questions and consider them in terms of contrast. 

Typically, the subject must stand out from the background. For instance, if you’ve blond hair in front of a light background, it would be harder to separate you from the background. Similarly, dark hair with a solid dark background isn’t the best contrasting choice. 

You should build contrast with complementary colours for improved imagery.

#3. Visual Noise Can Drown Out Your YouTube Video

Video backgrounds are fascinating, and the level of detail will impact how well you appear on the YouTube video. A busier background will make it difficult for your audience to focus on the central idea in full-screen mode.

if you want to use a busier background, then consider blurring the image a bit, so that you pop out of the background noise. The aim is to lower the visual noise behind you and soften the lines. 

Decide on the background according to how you want your audience to see you at first glance.

#4. Portability

Portability is a key factor when finalizing a YouTube video background, especially if you shoot outdoors. When your background is light in weight, it would be easy to maneuver, even if you are shooting your video with additional help. 

So, make sure you know how bulky the background is, otherwise you’ll have to hire an extra labor force just to move the background from one position to another. 

At iBackdrop, we manufacture lightweight, foldable, and no creases backgrounds.

#6 Fabric

Cotton material is the most preferred fabric type, as it can be washed & ironed easily. Light in weight, when hung it can be used as a solid-looking background to transform the look of your video. Because of the fabric characteristics, its folds are pretty simple yet attractive. 

Another advantage of this backdrop material is its wrinkle-free attribute. Fewer wines would mean spending less time on Photoshop to clean up the backdrop and make it smooth.

Where to Search for Video Backgrounds?

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