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Black is timeless and in the world of photography, it brings a striking and breathtaking visual effect when used as a background.

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At iBackdrop, we bring to you the best-quality black backdrops at affordable prices in the UK. They look great and create magic in your personal and professional photoshoots.

Light in weight and durable enough to last for years without any damage, these photography backgrounds are worth investing in photo studios and videography.

Select from what we have listed or place a custom order with any text, image or print for any creative photoshoot.  Expect the delivery in 5-10 days in the UK.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We use the latest and greatest computer-printed wrinkle-resistant fleece-like fabric. It is lightweight, wrinkle-free, washable and can be ironed.

Every colour has a mood and the black colour signifies darkness and intensity. From a portrait, couple to family pictures, black backdrops is a widely used option to draw and hold the attention of the audience.

Also, black colour hides stain marks better than other photography backdrops. You can use it without washing it for a long time.

Our best-selling backdrops include

● Solid black colour backdrops
● Black wooden backdrops
● Black texture backdrops

When it comes to photography backdrops, the sky is the limit. You can order a custom backdrop in a unique black image or print with us.

We have many props such as a rubber floor, lights and a photography stand to complement photoshoots and videography.

If the product is packed and you want to exchange it for some other coloured backdrop within 7 business days of the receipt, please contact us. However, it will incur extra shipping charges to you.

Please note that we do not accept returns of custom backdrops.

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