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Revive the old and vintage feel in your photography with our brick wall backdrops. They are fascinating, inspiring and elevate your photoshoots to some other level.

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From industrial to vintage and modern styles, our brick wall photo backdrops collection caters to everything a photographer would need to capture some stunning and creative shots—indoors or outdoors. 

From personal photoshoot to clicking for family or corporate events, these brick fabric backgrounds are functional, durable and a versatile choice to make.

Add a personal touch to your photoshoot with a customised brick backdrop with text, image or any other pattern printed on it. We deliver worldwide, so what are you waiting for? Place your order now.

Frequently Asked Questions

In all fairness, they look very close to what’s listed on the website except for the slight colour difference and even that’s hard to notice.

Ideally, they should be hung using a crossbar and two light stands. But sticking a brick wall fabric backdrop to the wall is a cheaper and easier way for most people especially if they are new to photography.

All you need is regular tape or push pins. Since they are lightweight and easy to carry around, you can easily mount them on the wall with little help.

A 5-foot wide and 7-foot long backdrop is a standard choice for headshots and portraits; something that’s feasible in a small home studio.

Generally, a 3-foot difference is recommended to prevent shadow on the brick wall background. Also, it allows the subject to manoeuvre against the backdrops and get some great shots with or without any prop.

Yes, you can. We stand by the durability of our backdrops that last for years with little maintenance. But be careful if you have to stick anything or pin a hole on the front surface. Also, you may have to adjust the backdrop stand if the prop is heavy.

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