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A photography backdrop for kids function? Corporate meet? Or any other event. iBackdrop has backdrops customised for events you are hosting anywhere in the UK or the world.

We house a wide range of photography backdrops for personal and professional events. From a birthday party, family wedding, baby shower to corporate events and parties, do not look further than our collection.

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We have got a professional team at the helm of each custom project. From approving the customisation to expediting the manufacturing, you’ll receive undivided attention from us.

What you get is the highest quality custom event backdrops at a great price online. Do not miss the opportunity to make a difference in your event photography and place an order today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At iBackdrops, we customise backdrops for events including birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, sporting events, corporate parties, red carpet events, stage shows, and live performances.

No, iBackdrop’s custom backdrops are reasonably priced in the UK and beyond. The price primarily varies depending on the size you select plus shipping and customs charges for international delivery.
We are currently hosting a sale on custom backdrops for events. Grab the piece now.

As many times as you want. If the stains are light, you can use a water-soaked cotton cloth and a gentle soap to wipe them clean. Alternatively, they can be washed in a machine and ironed to reuse.

Yes, absolutely. Our custom backdrops are not just for studios but can be carried outdoors. A beach, garden, road or any live location. You may need extra accessories like a backdrop stand to install them. Visit the website and get a great deal online.

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