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Get top-quality marble backdrops for photography at low prices from iBACKDROP in the UK. We design and manufacture marble photo backgrounds in-house that ensures our customers get exactly what they asked for.

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Ideal for independent photographers and photo studios, our marble backdrops save your time and efforts to set the background for clicking pictures. They bring a vintage feel and add a layer of sophistication to photoshoots —personal or professional. 

All you need to do—mount it on a backdrop stand, and set it straight using clips and clamps.  Once fixed and stationary, you can click portraits, family pictures or shoot for any commercial photography project.

We can also customise it with any text or print and deliver it to your doorsteps in a reasonable frame of time.  Place your order now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not always. The actual cost depends on the scale of customisation and the type of marble backdrop you are interested in buying.

For instance, customising 10 or 20-foot marble backdrops for full body portraits and family pictures would cost you more than that of standard 7-foot long backdrops.

Hope that answers your question. If you want affordable marble photography backdrops, is the site you need to visit for some great discounts online.

Marble photo backgrounds are commonly used for weddings, parties, baby shower, personal photoshoots, product photography, food photography, and other commercial photoshoots.

Yes. They are made of superior quality cotton fabric that is

· light in weight, · can be cleaned using a damp cloth, · can be washed in a machine, · can be ironed using a steam iron, and · is non-reflective.

You can use these backdrops for as long as you want if you follow the product usage instructions and follow proper ways to clean, maintain and store them.

Handle it with care while transporting on commercial vehicles or for outdoor photoshoots. If not in active use, roll it up around the cylindrical tube provided with the package.

● The first and foremost method is to use a steam iron to smoothen out the wrinkles.
● Secondly, you can clamp the backdrop tight in the upright position and let the wrinkles disappear on their own. It may take some time, so do not use the method if the event is on the same day.
● Thirdly, roll up the backdrops in the plastic tube and tightly wrap it with plastic tape for 3-4 days.

These tips are handy and work in most cases.

No, the marble print is only on one side of the backdrop only and the other side faces the wall of the studio or is practically not used for photography.

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