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A party without clicking photographs with family or friends? Sound boring. A party wall backdrop can weave the magic you want to create through your photography.

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At iBACKDROP, discover a wide range of party backdrops that can work for personal and professional photography. Be it a birthday, family function, wedding, Christmas, Easter or any other special occasion, we have a backdrop that adds new life to your professional photography.

Browse and buy a party background that comes with a pocket to hang on the wall. Easy to carry, install and maintain, you can use the same multiple times or can get it customised for any party.

With iBACKDROP, you will never be short of options to uplift your party photography and grab more clients to build your portfolio. What are you waiting for? Place an order now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. They are up for sale only.

We offer 8 standard sizes as mentioned on each product page. Choose as per your photography needs. We can also customize the size for any design or pattern. Please feel free to contact us.

iBackdrop team stands by the highest quality standards it has set. There are reasons to believe that. Some of them are

  • We use high-quality cotton fabric that can be cleaned, washed and ironed multiple times.
  • They are glare-free that enhances the quality of the clicked pictures.
  • Our craftsmen use a professional, computer-controlled printer with high-resolution images, computer digital print that gives a clear and detailed picture/print.
  • Colour will never fade, even after repeated wash.
  • Our QA team conducts quality checks before shipping the products

Each party wall backdrop comes with a pocket to help with installation. Insert the curtain rod in the pocket and hang it on the wall. In the absence of curtain rods or hooks, you can use regular tape to stick it on the wall.

We also have backdrop stands to make it easier for you to install the backdrops some distance away from the wall for photography.

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