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Get the finest scene backdrops at low prices from UK’s largest photography backdrops provider.  Made of cotton fabric, you can carry it around without feeling tired. Wash away stains and hang them dry; these backgrounds are available in various sizes.

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Ignite your passion to capture some out-of-the-box shots using backdrops that remind you of some of the world’s beautiful and breathtaking places.

The bright and beautiful beach scenes, iconic Las Vegas, snow-laden castles, colourful tree parks and many other stunning scenic backgrounds. We have what photographers look for to set the perfect background scene and mood in their studio.

What’s more? We can engineer a unique scene backdrop just for your photography studio. Share your requirements and we will have one shipped to your address in a reasonable frame of time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

They are very close to reality. We have selected the scenes based on their popularity in the local and global market. From the colours, texts, prints to the prints, everything would remind you of the place the scene belongs to.

Having said that, there can be some ignorable difference in the colours between what you receive and what you ordered on the website. Please share your feedback on our website about the photography backdrops.

Absolutely. Our scene backdrops are popularly used for indoor and outdoor photo and video shoots. Easy to set up and roll over, you can click solo pictures and or shoot a sequence of events using different scene backdrops.

They can be a great match to set different scenes for a story. At iBackdrop, we have an amazing variety of backdrops with scenes, ranging from a tropical beach, oceans, waterfalls, sunset sky, royal castles, flowers, jungles, trees, graffiti, to iconic landmarks like Las Vegas and Eifel Tower.

Yes. They offer great value for money to independent photographers and photo studios.

● They are made using superior quality cotton fabric that does not wrinkle.
● They are lightweight; no need for an extra hand to carry them around.
● Easy to clean using a damp cloth or machine wash for before using.
● They can be steam ironed without fearing any change in the colour, thickness, print, text, etc.
● They can be used for clicking stills like portraits and used as stage background for a family wedding, parties and commercial shoots.

Visit the page and explore the stunning variety we have in scenic backgrounds for creative minds out there. Do not hold back and order a custom backdrop for your next photoshoot.

No. iBackdrop announces attractive discounts, from time to time, on most backdrops. You can enjoy up to 26% discounts on many scene backdrops ( Offer until the stock lasts). Keep checking the space to grab the best background for photoshoots.

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