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Your search for solid colour photography backgrounds comes to an end. We at iBackdrop bring to you a wide range of solid backgrounds for indoor and outdoor photography.

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Light in weight, made of durable cotton cloth, wrinkle-free and washable, everything about our solid backdrops makes them a perfect accessory for photographers and photo studios alike.

From capturing a product, person or family photoshoots, discover the best solid colour backdrop with us for your next creative project. We can also customise the backdrop as per your unique needs and budget.

Place an order now and get it delivered in 5-10 days anywhere in the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your choice of the backdrop colour influences the quality of the pictures. They can either draw attention or distract people from noticing some crucial parts of the product.

Pictures with a dull, boring or bland backdrop leave a poor impression on the audience and drain your investment in product photography. Picking the wrong colour can also reduce the visibility of the content printed on the product.

Browse and buy from our top-quality solid backdrops collection for your next photography event.

Yes if that suffices the purpose. You can hang the sheet over the backdrop over a pipe or rod. Use safety pins to keep them hanging. For best photographs and lasting use, we recommend you to buy a professional backdrop from a reputed online shop. They are made for photography, look natural and can weave magic which a regular bedsheet may not be able to do so.

Cotton is an ideal backdrop fabric for a photography studio. They are lightweight, durable, and easy to transport/install. You can reuse the backdrops for years if you are taking regular care and maintenance.

Solid colour backgrounds are a preferred option for simple photography, mostly indoors. From a personal to family portrait and product photography, you can choose the versatile back, white or grey background for photography from our website.

Absolutely. We have a great backdrops variety for photography as well as video shoots. We can customise different backdrops for graphic videos and other unique video needs.

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